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Information is central to everything you do. Poor information is the root cause of many of the problems you face and now there’s more of it than ever. BIM provides a structured approach to improve your performance.

In December 2018 UK guidance for BIM Level 2 was replaced by an internationally recognised standard ISO 19650. The benefits will be enormous, and you will want to take advantage. We will show you how.

We specialise in the AEC sector (architecture, engineering, construction) helping people like you to really understand BIM, its practical application and how best to enjoy the benefits.

BIM helps you take advantage of a powerful combination of elements – technology, process and people - to leverage collaborative workflows that improve productivity and eliminate costly errors.

The systems we devise and implement are simple, pragmatic and clearly focussed on achieving results.

Our approach ensures you benefit from:

  • Greater certainty in the decisions you need to make
  • Accelerated progress to acquire and demonstrate BIM capability
  • Measurable improvements in performance

With years of experience in implementing BIM to the UK Level 2 standards, you can be confident of your upgraded ISO 19650 approach, with either a new system or migration from the BS/PAS 1192 series.

Your bespoke system will provide a simply structured workflow for managing information, tailored to the size and nature of your organisation. The systems we devise are fully compliant with relevant best practice standards, yet remain simple, pragmatic and clearly focussed on achieving results.

Practical training is provided to apply your system in your day-to-day operations and projects.

Independent certification is available to demonstrate your capability to clients and ensure your prequalification for new project opportunities.